Home Based Business Opportunity by Personal Touch Products, Inc. Thursday Oct 23, 2014
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Hi John,
I had a box office hit for orders for the holidays... I am not sure what will happen when I start advertising. This business is just word of mouth.
Take care, 

 "Once again I must say I am soooo impressed with your new release of art... Keep up the great work, you always make me lots of money."

Hey John,
The prints are absolutely beautiful! Thanks again!

WOW! I`m totally impressed!! These look great! They are wonderful and I`m very excited to see the new look. Thanks so much!

Hi John,
Wow, wow, wow!! I love them. I will get an order together when I get home.!!

Hey John,
I received my program as you know and since Saturday I have sold $195.00 worth of prints and framed and matted prints... I also have a prospective $240 more coming. Not too shabby for only five days... I appreciate your help in getting the order to me quickly and efficiently, and I believe the timing is very good to make a great profit with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up.
God bless you with His very best...

Hi, John -
It’s me again!! I received my frame and mat order and they are beautiful! I also received the new art and the fire puppy and the farm are absolutely awesome! I am going to order some extra. Thanks for your help!!! You are always so helpful!

Hi John,
In my opinion, this software is the greatest software available for the Gift Personalization business... I have been doing this business for approximately 5 years... In that time, I have acquired just about all the personalized gift software available and, believe me, this software beats them all, hands down...
First off, it is two programs in one, poems and first names... Three if you want to count the fact that it prints out in Spanish... It has a very user friendly interface...
Secondly, you will be hard pressed to find any better customer service...
Bottom line: If you are just starting out in this business, or even if you are already in this type of business, this software is the only software you will ever need... I use this software exclusively... My only complaint is that this software has made all my other software obsolete...
Thanks John

Hi John,
I like the software better than any software I have ever used.
My customers like it a lot. I am very pleased with it; it`s easy to use,
and it`s fast. I`m very happy with it. Thank You

I would like to thank you for your patience when you walked me through the steps of using the software. You were so kind and understanding. You delivered more than what I expected. Thank you for this wonderful system. It is truly a blessing and a great business opportunity that I can do at my own pace.

Hi John,
I really like the silver frames and want to give my customers a choice plus they are perfect with the mat frames I ordered... I appreciate everything you`ve means a lot.

Hi John,
The Gifts on Art is truly a unique and fantastic program. No other program allows you the flexibility that you have with Gifts on Art. The ability to do more than two name meanings on a single print is a great feature. Everyone loves the fact that we can do a poem and a name meaning on one of your art backgrounds. The personality traits that you have with the name meanings are more personal and suitable for adults as well as children. I like the fact that its fast and easy to use. Gifts on Art Is like getting several programs combined into one. I`m looking forward to even more success with Gifts on Art.
Thank you,

I just wanted to let you know that I received the prints in excellent condition and love the the sample pack. The Fire Puppy is too cute! I just wanted to say thank you for getting my order to me so fast I really appreciate it.
Again THANK YOU :o)
Warmest Wishes,

Hi John
I have once again been overwhelmed to write you a thank you email. .. Thank you for continuing a GREAT line of art to print on. I have been in the "over printing" biz for almost 4 years now, and with all honesty your line does sell more for me than other competitors prints that I have tried.. .
Thanks Again

Hi John,
I just wanted to let you know how much I like your new art backgrounds. The quality of the prints is fantastic. Your new military prints are so great, I hate to sell them, I want to keep them all for myself. The art backgrounds we have seen from other companies cannot compare to the quality of yours. Your poems are by far our best selling personalized item. We have seen people cry when they read some of them because they touch them in such a personal way. The fact that they can add their own personal touch to the poem is something that they love. We always look forward to your new art backgrounds, because we know that they will be a sure seller. We want you to know how much we appreciate the help that you have been to us since we have started in the personalization business, and look forward to many more years of doing business with you.
Thank You,

When I bought the Names software (not from you) , they sent me a "free" poem software CD with about 200 poems, but... their poems do not compare to yours!!!! Some of them are "downright (redacted) "!!!:) It is sad to say, but I think I could write better poems than that!!!(and that is bad!!) lol I miss your poems! They would make people (including my mother and I) cry!! That is a sign of a great poem...One that touches you, whether happy or sad! Their poems make you want to laugh! :)
Take care and May God Bless! Thank you,

John --
Just wanted to let you know that the software installed fine, was easy to use, and gave me no problems as I experimented with some of the products. Thank you for your assistance. Also -- I bought products from three different companies on the same day, and I must say that your quality of merchandise was, by far, the highest quality of any of them. I definitely think you are undercharging for your starter package! (Of course, I can say that now that I have mine!) I look forward to doing much more business with you.

Hello, hope you had a Merry Christmas. I gave some of the personalized backgrounds for Christmas presents, and everyone absolutely loved them. They are beautiful and I really am glad I found your product and decided to do it.
Again, thank you for such a wonderful product.

UPS just left, do you have inside connections OR WHAT????
Thanks so much for all of your prompt, hard-working efforts to make my job easier and stress-free!
Happiest of Holidays to you and your family...

Hi John
Just wanted you to know that I`ve had an opportunity to try your software on the first computer and it is wonderful. It is going to make our life so much better when training new employees. I even like the feature where it tells you how many prints have been printed that day. I love your poems and the poem book. I`m glad you talked me into ordering the book.

Thank you so much for your beautiful prints. I work with my uncle and he has great regard for you and your products. So when we branched out a little you were the one I came to. Future orders to come-
God Bless.

Hi John,
I can not begin to tell you how sad I am to say that we are selling our business due to our moving to Florida. I want to thank you for all that you have done for us, you have helped make our business the success that it was.
Again thanks for everything,

Hi John,
I have always told everyone that you were the best, yesterday just showed everyone my point. You are such a nice guy. Most suppliers won`t even talk with you, let alone call you to help. I know we are probably your "smallest" customer, but you treat us like we are very important to you. I appreciate you very much.Thanks for all of your help.
May God always bless you and yours,

Hello John,
I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. I live in the UK & recently purchased your wonderful software. I had immediate success with it as I purchased it a couple of days before `mothers day`. In fact only 24 hrs after the purchase I recouped my entire outlay selling over thirty framed products. Needless to say I am extremely exited at the possibilities this business seems to offer.
Yours faithfully

Hi John,
The following is a very fast success story:
As you know you gave me the unlock code for POA on Thursday, on Friday the purchaser John D returned and bought another 50 Premium art works, saying he had sold seven gifts, we received a telephone call from him today, that between Friday evening and Saturday evening he had sold over 30 framed products and recouped the cost of the Business program in ONE days trading! Anant B Bought the program earlier in the year, for mothers day he sold over 70 Framed Gifts, as he said these alone would have paid for the program.
Sandra and Allan

I`ve been thinking about you today and wanted to give you something for your testimonials if you`d like to use it. I meant to do this much sooner but have been extremely busy. I had researched many business opportunities on the Internet and had almost given up believing that there were any legitimate ones to be found. I ran across Personal Touch and reluctantly decided to check it out. Everyone that I spoke with had the same response about about you. They said that your a super nice guy that goes above and beyond for all of his customers. They were right....I can`t say enough about you and your products. A great guy to work with and the products are such high quality that they basically sell themselves! I`m very pleased with how well my business is doing in just 2 short months.


By Personal Touch Products

Best Selling Flea Market Items:
The ability to create beautiful personalized gifts that cost you pennies and take less then two minutes to create are two primary reasons why Personal Touch Personalized Gifts are consistently among the Best Selling Flea Market Items across the United States. Personal Touch personalized gifts can help you carve out an entire market of repeat customers at your local flea market. Let's face it, people love to shop at flea markets because it offers them great value and the possibility of finding unique things they can't find anywhere else. And that is precisely what you'll be able to provide your customers when you become a Personal Touch Products dealer.
Ideal Flea Market Items:
There are many types of personalized gifts you can create for your customers such as first name meanings and last name histories printed on beautiful art backgrounds. Your customers will be so excited to see the meaning of their name and then select the art background of their choice, and watch you create their gift in less than two minutes as they look on. People buy these gifts not only for themselves, but just as often for their family friends, and co-workers. You will have every thing you need to create the best selling flea market items, offering something appropriate and interesting for every everyone. And because the gifts are personalized, they often become treasured keepsakes, they remain on display in homes for all to see, which often leads to repeat business for you.
Personalized Gift Collage
Imagine having the ability to quickly and easily create the hottest selling flea market items for your customers. It is not a stretch to suggest that you should expect to enjoy providing these unique and thoughtful gifts that your customers will greatly appreciate. If you're looking for the best flea market items to sell, I think you'll agree that a high mark-up is essential to your success. Without any exageration, selling Personal Touch personalized gifts offers you unbelievable mark-ups from 300% to 4000%+. Two typical examples include the following.
  • First Name Meaning Gift (unframed) - your cost is 50 cents; your selling price will be $6.95 - $12.95
  • A Family Tree Gift (unframed) - your cost is 50 cents; your selling price will be $15.95 - $25.95 (depending on the number of family members)
As you can see, the profit potential is phenomenal. You can generate a nice stream of income without the hard-sell. No expensive equipment to purchase and no royalties be concerned with. A typical gift takes approximately two minutes of your time using your computer. As a Personal Touch dealer, you will receive the most advanced and easiest to use personalized gift software available. Supplies are of the highest quality and the client support is unparalleled in the flea market merchandise marketplace.
If you have been looking for the ideal flea market item you need look no further. Personal Touch Products best selling flea market items have year round appeal and offer your customers something appropriate for every occasion. With low start up costs including far more than enough inventory to earn back your investment, the value and income potential are simply outstanding.
Request a sample: Sample Gift Request

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